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Home National BANK FRAUDSTER: Entebbe fisherman arrested swapping cards at ATM point

BANK FRAUDSTER: Entebbe fisherman arrested swapping cards at ATM point

Wandera Geoffrey

KAMPALA- The Police in Entebbe are holding Wandera Geoffrey, 39, a fisherman and resident of Abaita babiri in Entebbe municipality on suspicion of swapping bank customers’ Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards.

The suspect was arrested on Monday September 28th 2020 by Stanbic bank security officers and was handed over to Entebbe police.

Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Spokesman says that the suspect joined an old woman in an ATM enclosure and pretended to be helping her.

Owoyesigire adds that in the process, Wandera switched his fake ATM card with that of the victim. It was during the process that the ATM machine rejected the fake card and the suspect having ‘helped’ in vain opted to walk away.

This made the old woman suspicious and she made an alarm which forced the security personnel at the bank premises to arrest the suspect.

“Upon searching the suspect, he was found in possession of seven ATM cards registered in different names of Sarah Nakawuka; centenary bank , Isabirye Sula; Eqiuty bank , Nabadda Sarah; Tropical bank , Fred Mwesezi; pride micro finance and Bosco Bongomin; centenary bank” Owoyesigire told the press.

He added that “The other two credit cards had faded identities”.

Police now warn all people to at all time remain vigilant while at ATM points and not to seek any help from strangers.

“We call upon any one who lost a credit card and his or her name appears above to get in touch with Entebbe Police Station for follow up” He added.

Entebbe Police is also working with other police stations to find out whether they have previously registered any cases against the same person.