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Excitement as Rema Namakula allows Eddy Kenzo to See His Daughter Aamal Musuuza


Celebrate musician Edrisa Musuuza popularly known to many by his stage name Eddy Kenzo must be the happiest man alive his Rx-wife Rema Namakula allowed him a chance to interact physically with their daughter Aamal Musuuza again. It’s been 7 months of a tug of war since the singer finally got his life’s wish and is on cloud nine.

Eddy Kenzo was in recent times seen a number of times rolling tears on social media, claiming that ever since his ex-lover Rema Namakula got married to Dr. Ssebunya Hamza, he has not been able to see his daughter because his baby mama did not allow it to happen.

He however, revealed to the public that he did not want to use the law since he respects and loves Rema and can’t stand taking her to court.

The BET award winner was seen on several occasions begging the “Tikula” singer on social media for his child as he normally does whenever he needs something.

However, it finally looks like he has been allowed to see his daughter as seen yesterday in a video where she ( Aamal Musuuza) and Maya Musuuza are dancing celebrating the latter’s birthday and their father is heard in the background cheering them on.

The two daughters are also seen in a picture happy with their father on the same day!

Many fans who had savagely attacked him for whining about family affairs in public again sarcastically wondered why he did not come on social media to let them know of the good news yet they were sad when he was crying.