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Home Boona FM News Nyakagyeme coffee farmers counting losses as thieves raid gardens

Nyakagyeme coffee farmers counting losses as thieves raid gardens


Stella Turyasingura.

Coffee farmers in Nyakinengo parish Nyakagyeme sub-county Rukungiri district have resorted to harvesting raw coffee beans to counter thugs who steal their crops from the garden because of the rising demand.

The most affected residents are in the villages of Kishanda, Kirehe and Rugando among others.

Fuden Bamwesiga one of the farmers says he has lost over 50kgs of raw coffee from his garden in Kishanda .

He claims that his garden has been raided by thugs on four occasions.

Bamwesiga says worse still, thugs just cut coffee branches along with berries which threatens the plant.

He says farmers have resorted to harvesting green coffee berries to save them from thugs.

According to Bamwesiga, the farm gate price of coffee in Nyakinengo is at 6500; and thugs steal their coffee because of the rising demand

 Yeremia Buryabahika the Kishanda village chairperson says that they have received many complaints from different people who have lost their coffee beans to thugs.

He says about 10 farmers have reported coffee bean thefts this month. Buryabahika calls upon all village members to work hand in hand to apprehend these thugs.