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SCHOOLS REOPENING: Rukungiri district in final stages as return date clocks nearer


RUKUNGIRI- Rukungiri District Local Government has today started off the inspection of education institutions in readiness for reopening of candidate classes and finalists.

The inspection is in line with the need for the schools to ensure that they follow the standard operating procedures that were put in place by the Ministry of Health.

Rukungiri’s acting District Education Officer (DEO) Mr. Jackson Turyahumura while meeting all primary teachers from Bwambara and Bugangari Sub Counties cautioned the headteachers to be keen enough with the Standard Operating Procedures in order to prevent the coronavirus pandemic which he said starts with teachers.

Speaking at the same function, the District Health Educator, Alice Kasiisi, told the primary school headteachers drawn from Bugangari, Bwambara Sub County and Bikurungu Town Council that the school must have a committee to give a daily summary report and ensure that the pupils are following the SOPs.

 â€śEach class must have a class monitor who will follow up the fellow learner’s to ensure that they are following the SOPs,” Alice Kasiisi said.

The selected committee must identify the critical control points in the school that may cause overcrowding for example at the school gate, staffroom, offices,library, dining hall, dormitories and classrooms.

She emphasized that handwashing facilities with sanitizers or soap or disinfections must be available infront of classes, staffroom, dining hall, kitchen, Dormitories for boarding schools and at the toilets.

“There will be restricted access to schools and screening of all people must be done at the gate or entry point,” She said.

Important to note, the DEO emphasised on the availability of temperature guns deployed at all entry points without forgetting an  isolation room, where the suspects will be taken.

In addition to that, all learner’s must wear masks and at least every learner must have two facemasks with his or her indentifications and the learner’s must have  access to water at all times and soak away pits to dispose off waste water after handwash must be available.

More so, the classrooms must have adequate lighting and ventilation, enough space of 2 meters  in between the students.

Only one student will occupy a bed whether it is single or a decker without forgetting to keep 2 meters distance between beds and all lesson plans should have messages of coronavirus  and every lesson must begin with a teacher reminding the learner’s to continuously observe the Ministry of Health Coronavirus guidelines.

However some of the Headteachers decried that the exercise was very expensive and  most of them already feel much pressure on expenses.

The Head teachers honestly said that they no longer have the money  for fourth quarter which the District officials  expect them to use and account for.

They therefore requested the district leaders to talk to the Ministry of Finance to release more money for them to use.

The Headteachers emphasized the need for more funds to cater for the purchase of the items needed for implementation of Standard Operating Procedures saying that they received previously has already been used to clear the school compounds and paying security guards therefore they have no money to facilitate the buying of materials to use in putting in place SOPs.

The DEO cautioned private  school Headteachers who feel they won’t manage all these Standard Operating Procedures before opening to let the pupils to join other government schools other than making them miss their exams.

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mr Rubaihayo Stephen informed the head teachers that the schools will open for 2nd term on 15th October 2020 and asked them to inform the teachers to be more vigilant saying that the situation is a matter of life and death which requiress cooperation from all stake holders.