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Testing for COVID-19 is a necessity to everyone – RDC Birungi Abubaker

Anybody who fails to test for COVID-19 will be penalised - RDC Birungi Abubaker
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The Rukungiri district deputy RDC Birungi Abubaker has urged the public to visit hospitals immediately in case of feeling unusual.

 Abubaker while speaking to our reporter at his office insisted that some people hesitate visting hospitals for testing and end up keeping at home because of escalating myths about the vaccine.

 He added that anybody with symptoms of COVID-19 but unwilling to check up will be penalized. He has encouraged Ugandans to continue protecting themselves from this disease by wearing masks, sanitizing frequently and avoiding large gatherings.

According to Abubaker,the  hospital providing free testing services in Rukungiri district is Rwamahwa health centre 111 located in Rukungiri Municipality.  

He therefore urged people to take advantage and test and start immediate treatment in case they are found positive.